Tonight, my darling, I will step out of my cubicle,
push the smokes out of my lungs, make this heart feel something.
Tonight, I want to see my fingers flutter like the wings of a butterfly as soon as they touch your fire.
Let your voice rush through my veins like electricity, ignite my bones and illuminate the conscience.
You whisper my nightmares and watch me scream.
You watch me burn in the flames you painted with your bare hands while I would see your charisma grow wilder.
Take me to the places you’ve never set your foot in. Take me to the places you’ve never set your fire to.
Show me your demons. Your demons so tangible yet so sacred, shamelessly carve our way to catastrophe.
My eyes would stop searching, my soul would stop believing, my feet would give in. But not tonight my darling. Not tonight.


Pill number 1
She had burned his only photograph
Cut number 24
Bruises didn’t make her forget
Tissue number 45
Every letter of his was wet
Pill number 61
She was searching for his photograph in the ash

No tissues were wasted the next morning

62nd pill had filled the dark spaces.